Exhibits at the museum


Permanent exhibits for adults and children

The museum has a wide range of permanent exhibits linked to agriculture, hunting and fishing. Other exhibits show various traditional crafts, and there is also a comprehensive exhibit of clothes and textiles.

Another separate exhibit is called Holidays and festive occasions, where you can learn more about our traditional holidays. The museum also has an exhibit of unique objects from old churches in Sogn. We have also reconstructed various craftsmen's workshop in a sea-crofter setting, as well as a complete dentist's office.

dentist office

The museum has two separate exhibits for children and young people. One is called "When great-grandmother was a small girl", showing toys and children activities from the early 20th century. Children are also encouraged to try various old games and toys.

The other exhibit called "Young people from Sogn" was made by children themselves in connection with the millennium celebration. It shows the rooms and interests of children and teenagers at that time. All in all, the museum exhibits give visitors a good understanding of how people from Sogn have lived.

”Shawl and hijab”

konehue All over the world women have worn headdresses as a protection against harsh winters, scorching sun, or to show civil status, social rank and religious affiliation. This thought-provoking exhibit has been made in conjunction with Nasrin Ali Amin and Sahra Adoow, Bjørg Hovland and The International Cultural Centre and Museum.

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