Beliefs and superstition

In former times beliefs and superstition were linked to most aspects of work, special days and seasons. Notions concerning wood nymphs and other supernatural beings were very much alive. People had to find their own cures, and many objects of popular medicine are displayed at the museum. Objects for everyday use could be decorated with protective symbols, which show that people took “precautionary measures”.

Black books:

The museum has five handwritten, local black books with magical recipes and formulas for various purposes. These books probably date from the i8th and
19th centuries.

Rock crystals and other magical rocks:

Rock crystal or “dwarf stone” was used to cure diseases in the udder of animals and against rancid milk. Other rocks are displayed, too.

Calendar sticks:

The old calendar stick had notches cut into the wood to show church festivals and seasonal events. The special days could be interpreted in terms of religion, work, and weather.

Here is an album where you can see some of the tings from this exhibition...

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