When you are at the Museum, you can borrow an mp3 player with audio guides in Norwegian, English or German, so that you can listen to a guide that tells about the houses on the open-air museum.
Each House is marked with a number, so that you can find it in the audioguide and play it. ..
Do you have a “tablet” or a "smart phone", you will find audioguides here:

Web version of the Audioguide

If you want to download the audioguides, you can do it here:

Here you can download the museum's audioguide or sound guide. It contains 40 MP3 files linked to 40 points of interest on the museum premises – buildings and other stops – in the open-air museum.
If you download the files on your MP3 player, tablet or your mobile phone and take the files with you to the museum, we can guarantee an exciting and informative experience. It is also possible to rent a MP3 player at the museum, or download the files from the PC in the museum reception.

>> Download the Audioguide for the open-air museum in English

This is how you do it:

  1. Download
  2. Unpack the zip-file
  3. Copy the files to your Mp3 player 

Take the player with you when you stop at the various points of interest. Areas and exhibits with audioguiding are clearly marked with an Audioguide symbol.

You can allso download an "app" where you can find and listen to some of the guides from the open air museum

Have a nice walk!

Audioguide is also available in German.

The Audioguide-project has received support from the Sogn og Fjordane County Municipality and Arts Council Norway 
This service has been developed by Kulturnett Sogn og Fjordane.