The Heiberg Collections - Sogn Folk Museum

About the museum

Welcome to the Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum

At this museum you can experience how people from Sogn have lived and worked from the Middle Ages until the present time. The open-air museum consists of more than 30 buildings, spanning a time period from the medieval open-hearth cottage to a modern standard house from the late 1980s. There are rural houses from different time periods, a sea-crofter's home, as well as a bailiff's residence. The museum also runs a traditional farm with a horse, cows, sheep, pigs and hens.

In the main exhibition hall of the museum there are permanent exhibits linked to agriculture, arts and crafts, textiles and clothes, food and drink, in addition to a special exhibit presenting our holidays and special family occasions. You can see craftsmen's workshops, a genuine old dentist's office, and take a peek into the old general store.

A separate exhibit for children shows children's everyday activities in the early 20th century and how young people from Sogn lived in the year 2000. We endeavour to make the open-air museum attractive and interesting for children with two playgrounds and a number of nature trails.

The museum also has a café and a museum shop.

The museum season lasts from May to September, and in addition to our permanent exhibits there are special seasonal exhibits.

The main building is open the whole year.