Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum

Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum

Welcome to the Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum

This is one of the oldest and biggest folk museums in Norway. Exhibits of agriculture, handicraft and rustic art, clothes and textiles, church and folklore, and childhood activities. Open-air museum with more than 30 buildings from the Middle Ages until the present time. Museum farm with animals. Activities, guided tours and audio guide.

Opening hours in the summer season:
May and September: every day 10am to 3pm. June, July, August: every day 10 am to 5 pm.


Exhibits at the museum

The museum has a wide range of permanent exhibits linked to agriculture, hunting and fishing. Other exhibits show various traditional crafts, and there is also a comprehensive exhibit of clothes and textiles.

Another separate exhibit is called Holidays and festive occasions, where you can learn more about our traditional holidays.
The museum also has an exhibit of unique objects from old churches in Sogn.

The open-air museum

The open-air museum

The open-air museum is located in a natural setting with hayfields, cultivated fields and pastures. There are footpaths and trails, playgrounds and nature trails, which makes this area an attractive recreation area for young and old people. But most importantly, the open-air museum consists of close to 40 antiquarian buildings from the Middle Ages until the present time.

Sogn Fjord Museum

Sogn Fjord Museum at Kaupanger

Sogn Fjordmuseum is a special branch of the Heiberg Collection, situated by the fjord, about 5 km from the museum’s main site.

This is a modern museum, opened in 1989. At a time without roads the fjord was the artery of transport and at all seasons people used the fjord for transport of goods and passengers and for fishing.

Sogn Fjordmuseum presents you with exhibits from this past:

Café and museum shop

The Cafè

 In the museum café you can get refreshments, coffee and tea and something to eat. We endeavour to serve homemade and locally produced food, and on request we can serve lunches and other meals for parties. The museum probably has the finest open-air café in Sogndal. There is also a small open-air café down at the Sogn Fjord Museum, close to the fjord!